Are You Ready To Ditch the Diet and Start Living In the Body You Want?


In This Free Training You’ll Learn…


  • How to shed excess fat and reveal a slim and toned figure without ever stepping foot in a gym or working out for hours on end

  • How to stop the vicious cycle of dieting, so that you can finally lose 30, 40 even 50 pounds and keep it off for good, without starving or ever feeling deprived.

  • The biggest lie in the food industry and how we all have been duped. Change this one thing and see near instant changes in your weight, complexion, and energy.

  • How  simply “re-shifting” your focus can make the number on the scale a true reflection of your fitness and not a number that tears apart your morale, motivation, and happiness

  • How just one simple change can snap you out of your fat-tired cycle and help you regain the confidence and slim figure you desire.

Presented By 

Meredith Shirk

Meredith Shirk is the founder & CEO of Svelte Training. She’s helped men and women all over the world shed significant weight, build confidence and most of all reclaim their lives… All while turning what we all have been taught about “dieting” on it’s head…

Snippets from Her Clientele

“I can honestly say, I’ve never felt healthier.  Mere didn’t just teach me to strengthen my body, she taught me how to strengthen my mind and soul, and she taught me to tell myself “just one more… because I can.”

“Meredith is truly a magician. She understands the body-mind connection and integrates it with her extensive knowledge of fitness to create a supportive personalized experience for each of her clients. Meeting each client where they are, she carefully plans and orchestrates each workout with humor, generosity, kindness and integrity to encourage their highest growth.”


Keep up to date on the latest exercises that Svelte has to offer.  You are sure to find never before seen moves that will have you looking your best while keeping your workouts fresh.


Putting the correct foods in your body is essential to not only looking good, but feeling good.  Discover how you can influence your weight, mood and mental clarity all by eating the right things.


Everyone has a hard time with motivation, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Find out what you can do in seconds that will keep you focused on multiple levels of your life, not just fitness.